How do you take your business relationships with customers to the next level?  How do you assure that your customer's become de facto members of your sales team?  While customer loyalty is often thought of as elusive, Roger Brooks demystifies, educates and empowers you to fully unleash The Power of Loyalty.  This book is for everyone who has ever served another human being.  While it's impact will be significant in your business life, The Power of Loyalty, will transform the way you think of relationships.  What are you waiting for?  Buy this book and launch your "loyalty strategy" today!

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D.

Author of The Starbucks Experience

I have known Roger for over 6 years and have greatly enjoyed working and partnering with him in the Loyalty space. His dedication to the industry and knowledge of Loyalty and the effects and relationships with customers is one of the best in the business. 

I look forward to our discussions when and wherever we may meet and recommend him highly.

Scott Parker

Manager, Software Projects at VeriFone

"I had the pleasure of managing Roger when his company was purchased by FIS. Roger is a true professional in every way. Great with customers, prospects and co-workers alike, Roger is always positive and the voice of reason. His knows all the ins and outs of the Loyalty space and directed the relationship selling to many large accounts. Roger needs very little support as he is a real go-getter and is exceptional at sealing the deal and closing business. If you want to grow your Loyalty business, I would strongly recommend Roger Brooks." 

Jim Henkel

Roger Brooks is the type of individual everyone wants to do business with. The knowledge and passion Roger brings to the table adds another level of motivation and creativity to your thinking. His insights into Loyalty Marketing have helped bring our customer satisfaction to a whole new level. I highly recommend Roger Brooks to anyone engaged in, or considering, Loyalty Marketing.

Jay Shino

JRS Direct

Roger Brooks is the type of individual I learn from every time we collaborate on a project. His remarkable insights into Loyalty Marketing are not only impressive, but highly effective. Roger’s passion is apparent and inspires creativity in others. I highly recommend Roger Brooks to anyone engaged in, or considering, Loyalty Marketing.

Tom Hart

Principal, Dashboard Advantage and Targeted Solutions

"Customers will be loyal to you if you give them a valued reason to do so.  Roger Brooks has uncovered the code that will bring repeat business and repeat profit.  Buy, read, repeat."

Jeffrey Gitomer

Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

Under Roger's leadership, I learned so much about loyalty. Roger's passion and love for the subject of loyalty is infectious and contagious. He has a keen understanding and excellent ideas on how to engage loyalty among key stakeholders such as customers, partners and suppliers. Roger's influence has truly had a profound impact on my career.

Issac Ingram

Client Relationship Executive, PQC International

Roger Brooks strips away the complexities of loyalty programs and lays out the 10 essential steps to building a successful, sustainable - and profitable - loyalty program.

Erin Pressley

Editor in Chief, NCACS Magazine

Roger has been a leader in the loyalty space for the retail petro industry for several years. I respect his frank views, trust his honesty, and appreciate his practical approaches.

Pat Raycroft

Owner, W. Capra Consulting Group

Working with Roger has improved the results of our Loyalty Program. Roger had a depth of knowlege that is unmatched and his willingness to share ideas and concepts openly is fantastic. Not only did he earn our business but most importantly, Roger earned our trust.

John Strickland, Jr.

Wayne Oil Company

The Power of Loyalty is a must read for anyone wanting to better position themselves in loyalty space!

Dan Yienger

VP Petroleum Sales, VeriFone

Roger has written several insightful columns for Convenience Store News on the important subject of loyalty program. I can't wait to read his book.  

Don Longo

Editor, Convenience Store News

Roger Brooks is not only the nicest guy you will ever meet, but he comes with integrity! Never a used car salesman and always concerned about what You want. I look forward to working with Roger in the future.

Anthony Brunelli

Anthony Brunelli Art Studio Inc.

Roger Brooks is a leader in loyalty! He brings a passion and intelligence to this transformative field of marketing like none other. Technology and consumer behavior have converged in ways which will forever alter retail lanscapes. Brooks lays out the fundamental strategies for winning in this new era of "intelligent retailing".

Greg Ehrlich

Certified Oil Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Roger over the past several years on many projects. He is an extremely genuine and intuitive business manager who is always working to find the optimal solution for both his company as well as his partners. Roger is the consummate professional and the epitome of a team player. I would highly recommend reaching out to Roger if you are considering new or updated loyalty solutions for your business.

David Parsons

Citation Loyalty