Loyalty Index Formula Trajectory, or LIFT is an ongoing meter index, or rating system of a company's customer loyalty output.  Lift takes into consideration over 100 triggers to make up a company's rating.  Each week look for more companies to be added to the index.

When it comes right down to it, it's all about the experience.  I like to patron companies that appreciate my business.  I’m sure you feel the same.  If I ‘m giving my business for the first time, and I have a not-so pleasant experience, I’ll give that business a second try.  No business is perfect one hundred percent of the time.  But there are many businesses that come close.  Loews Hotels, JetBlue, Stabucks, Apple, Wegman’s, Panera Bread—they all do pretty darn good, every single time. They will all have a very high Lift rating.

Lift takes into consideration over 100 triggers to make up a company's rating.  These triggers are proprietary data, which I have compiled over the years while becoming a trusted authority in the loyalty arena.  The triggers are also made up of data, which I solicited and incorporated from several industry leaders. 

What will Lift be used for?
  Lift will be a resource for consumers, corporations and stakeholders to better understand a company's loyalty rating compared to businesses, brands, products or services within the same or similar industry.  For example, JetBlue may have a higher Lift rating than United Airlines, or vice versa.  Or, Starbucks may have higher Lift rating than Dunkin Donuts (or vice versa).  A company's Lift rating will be an additional measuring tool for research, due diligence and shopping comparisons depending on the need.

Take a look at the LIFT ratings.  If you have any comments, or recommendations, please let me know!

Roger L. Brooks